Not Your Typical Salad Bar

One of the many challenges of traveling is finding and sticking to healthy food choices. I traveled a lot last year and didn’t always make the best choices when it came to dining in, dining out, or dining anywhere if you really want the truth.

To my surprise, one of my trips last year helped uncover a major win for me and put a new spin on what I’ve known a salad bar to actually contain… thank you, Salata.

You will not be disappointed and as you’re two months into your 2017 resolutions Salata can be your aid on your health journey or brisk walk or whatever your claim to nutrition is this year.

With a myriad of leafy greens and toppings and a price point that will blow you away, you and your wallet will feel guilt free after your first and fifth visit. If you’re in the area be sure to drop in and place an order and enjoy all there is to have at Salata. These locations are currently only in Texas, Cali, and Illinois but their motto couldn’t be more true… Eat good, look good, feel good.

Here’s to the good!

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