The Solution to Your Meal Prep Woes

Busy? Sticking to a budget?  Maintaining, losing, or gaining weight?  Want to try something new?  Short on time?  Great.  Whatever your need, there’s a solution.  I will walk you through my experience very quickly and even give you the chance to have your very first week covered.

I’m super excited to share my very first time using Blue Apron.  If you’re skeptical, I hope this post helps alleviate your concerns.  If you struggle to burn water, we can fix that, too.  Blue Apron provides all the instructions you need and it’s pretty painless.

The first thing you want to do is make a profile.  It’s simple.

Second, any allergens/dietary restrictions?  Ok, great.

Next, pick when you want your meals to start.  The best part about being able to pick your week is that Blue Apron posts menus as well as their recipes weeks in advance so if you’re not feeling what’s on the menu for any given week you can skip and select a different week.

Last but not least, shipping is free and once your order is delivered—get to cooking.

For my first meal, I chose Za’atar-Spiced Chicken with a pink lemon pan sauce and pearl couscous.  I’ll have the details for this later.

I travel a lot so meal prep is a big help for those of us with busy schedules and while I’m on the road, Blue Apron was the key to being able to hat I could skip the grocery store completely and not worry about portions or one off ingredients to help make my food extra special.  Every single thing you need is in the box.  You can flourish with a family plan or pick a plan for two.  If it’s just you, you’ll have plenty left over before you have to cook again— trust me, it’s a lot of food.

If you’re following my Instagram account, I’ll be sharing a way that you can join Blue Apron and have your entire first week covered.  Details to win will be listed on my Instagram page.  I’m excited to have you share in the experience. For a list of FAQ, click here. Let me know how you much you love it if you’ve tried Blue Apron and if you’ve never given it a go—  save $30 off your first order by using this promo code.

Bon Appétit!

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