Make Your Crab Cakes & Eat Them Too

This was simply a craving that was sent to friends and then turned into reality.  The message read “I really want some crab cakes,” and then thanks to the iMessage features, was emphasized and then actualized with a few short steps.  The last time I was in the Big Easy, I skipped out on getting one and while I’ve made them at home before, I typically always stop by my favorite seafood restaurant to get one that’s coated in a wonderful remoulade sauce with crawfish, but alas- New Orleans was a few hours away and I couldn’t get there quick enough.

A few quick ingredients is all you really need to make crab cakes (and I’ll post the recipe I used later—I promise) as well as the remoulade sauce.  Life-changing.  When it’s right, you’ll know and you won’t believe how skilled you are to make these at home.  You can find recipes online, Pinterest, or your grandmother’s cookbook (if you don’t have your own), but you will not be disappointed.

To my friends, thank you.  Your support helped get dinner together (as well as so many other things).  I’ve been trying to juggle a few things at work and next steps for my blog, but I was at least able to make my own crab cakes and eat them too!  Bon Appetit! 

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