Just in Time for Summer 2K17

Summer means all things fun and depending on where you live (and travel) that fun may include summer festivals, outdoor concerts, water parks, swimming (my favorite), etc. Wherever you are, your summer also needs to include BBQ and I’m not just talking about the bottled sauce.  Fire up the grill with the pork, beef, chicken, brats, and veggies.

It’s a time for fun, family, fellowship, and friendship. In a recent trip to New Orleans, I was reminded of why this summer is going to be as epic as every single event I attend, trip I take, and every single bowl of potato salad I skip over (more on that later).

New Orleans, as it is southern, isn’t known as much for it’s BBQ like Memphis.  I suspect that BBQ isn’t a reason anyone goes to New Orleans since there are so many other options for food.  You have your crawfish, shrimp, gumbo, Po’ Boys, crab legs, etouffe, daiquiris, more daiquiris, and the list goes on.  Prior to this trip, I’d never typed ribs and New Orleans in the same sentence but I’ve seen the error in my ways and now I am a believer.

Enter Saucy’s. A quaint corner spot in New Orleans’ eclectic Garden District that you’ll miss if you blink, but one that’s definitely worth stopping in and grabbing a rib or three!  Did I mention they have ribs?

The owner helped start one of my favorite BBQ spots in Memphis, TN, so you can trust the quality and the level of skill when it comes to the ribs (and alligator sausage Po’ Boy!)

Stop in and make sure you get a rib bone or three… the potato salad is optional, but the Goat Cheese Macaroni is required as one of your sides. Amazing experience all the way around and always worth the trip. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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