Aw Shucks! Farming Gold

You’re rich!  Corn offers so many wonderful benefits that make this vegetable a great add to any meal, side, or vegan dream. Typically in the United States, corn is harvested from October to November.  However with all of it’s benefits, you’ll be fine to enjoy this vegetable year-round. Corn contains a load of fiber, folate, thiamin (converts carbs to energy), phosphorus, vitamin C, and magnesium (helps regulate blood sugar levels). You’ve seen it fried, baked, in casserole, sautéed, boiled, in soup, corn tortillas and if you attended any share of BBQs this summer, it’s also been grilled!

Pulling back the husk, corn’s natural properties give us so much and whether you buy it fresh, frozen, or in the can, be sure to prepare this dish as you please. Since it’s a vegetable, I’d say less is more. I actually like my veggies to taste like veggies. They are so good for you but the less you pack on, the better. I’m a fan of its many uses, but my favorite is grilled.  You can grill this outside or even use your cast iron to provide the same texture with high heat and a little oil. Keep in mind, when cooking your vegetables, you need to stay close by. They can be eaten when they’re harvested so you don’t have to do a whole lot to enrich their already great flavor profile.

I purchased a frozen bag from Aldi for less than 80 cents and used olive oil and a little pepper. Don’t overdue it, corn should be the focal point– not the pepper and certainly not the oil.  My recipe/instructions are below.  I only used one bag so there are probably 3-4 servings in this, but you can do the math to feed as many as you need.

What You’ll Need:

Corn: 12oz Frozen Bag

Pepper: 1 TSP

Olive Oil: 1TBSP

Cast Iron Skillet


On high, add 1 tbsp of oil and bag of frozen corn (no need to defrost). Keep your spoon moving as to not have too much searing– you don’t want to burn the corn. Add a little more oil, if you feel you need to but the corn shouldn’t stick to your skillet. While the corn is cooking, sprinkle a few shakes of peppercorn and lower the heat or remove the pan from your stove’s eye. Once your previously frozen bag is ready to eat, enjoy!

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