Already on My Second Bowl

In an epic turn of events that started out as a trip to pick up some brownies at a friend’s apartment, I was reacquainted with Tony the Tiger– yes, Cinnamon Frosted Flakes. Growing up the blue box was a staple for breakfast in our house. Quick and simple, we loved our Frosted Flakes. I’m not sure how or when I drifted from cereal for breakfast. This cereal has been on the market for almost a year… how did I miss this? When did it all get so complicated? The breakfast options now are so plentiful but time is not. There’s granola, fast food, cereal, smoothies, grits, oatmeal and the list is as long as the song from one of my favorite shows as a child, Lamb Chop. (My sincere apologies if you’re now stuck singing The Song that Doesn’t End.)

Back to the story– we picked up the brownies (that was a good night) but more importantly tasted the New Cinnamon Frosted Flakes and in the spirit of all that is right in this world, I’m back, Tony. I am back. 

As soon as I could, I bought the Family Size. I’m not even embarrassed about that. It’s a great snack and an even better cereal with the right amount of almond milk. See the nearest child under five to make sure your milk to cereal ratio is right, but you won’t be disappointed especially if you love cinnamon.

Thanks for taking me back, Kellogg’s. It was hard to stop pouring but cheers to you.

A returning customer,
Chef Curl Ardee

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