Is Pumpkin Really the New Spice of Life?

‘Tis the season for Pumpkin Spice … This stuff is everywhere.  It’s at your local coffee shop, grocery stores, coffee creamers, in pies, and a whole lot more. As we’re only a few days away from Fall, prepare for pumpkin overload.  My initial take on pumpkin was a big No Thank You, but let me explain why… Picture it, Sicily, 1912, I’m at an event and someone mentions a dessert table.  I go to peruse the offerings and see this orange substance in a pie crust that looked a lot like sweet potato pie filling with the morning sun coming in through open blinds and an added Instagram filter. I asked what it was and was told, “It’s Pumpkin Pie… it taste a lot like sweet potato pie.” The lies.

I can forgive pretty much any and everything EXCEPT claiming sweet potato is anything like pumpkin— Go to Jail.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200. (More to come on my love for sweet potatoes.)  This isn’t to say that the pumpkin pie was bad, but when I was prepared for sweet potato pie the disappointment became an instant reality and I haven’t tried anything pumpkin related since that dreadful day.  I don’t think I’ve even looked at a jack o lantern the same without going back to what was probably one of the worst food experiences I’ve ever had.

But enough of the horror associated with that eventful day, I recently decided to try pumpkin again.  I didn’t start with the pie because that’s too much of a commitment at this point, but in the spirit of Fall I decided to try a pumpkin creamer in my coffee before I go full Grande Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with Almond Milk, extra cinnamon, easy on the Whip.

Grabbing my favorite coffee cup, I pour just enough creamer in my and with Coffee-mate’s Natural Bliss products, I decided to go for it.  Adding my coffee and keeping out the sugar in order to maintain the “integrity” of the flavoring, I was surprisingly impressed.   Now, I’m not saying I need this every day, but once a week is a viable option for me at this point given that I only have coffee two to three times a week.  I’m committing more than a third of my coffee intake to pumpkin this fall.  In 90 days and having coffee 2.5 times a week (carry the one), I anticipate a cool 10.7 cups going to coffee this season alone (I studied Applied Math in college).

Now, pumpkin is still nothing like sweet potato so stop using this as a point of reference- it’s a little more than disrespectful, but I’m convinced pumpkin and the spice are both here to stay.  Cheers!

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