Relax and Follow Your Heart

2018 is upon us.  We’re just a few days away and while I can’t wait to see 2018, thanks to a very special planner and words of encouragement from friends, I started planning 2018 a few months ago so the last few days of this year are all about relaxation.

You’ll see more posts from me this year, more recipes, and even more food photos.  I’ll be diving more into seafood and uncovering what’s under the sea.  With plans to travel, people to see, and meals to make I’m eternally optimistic that 2018 will be so very good to me.

So many wonderful things happened this year for me personally and professionally and I was so happy to officially start my own business.  Though I wasn’t quite ready for parts of this year (even down to some realizations a few days ago), I have been able to depend on some really wonderful people who helped alleviate much of the pressure from situations happening beyond my control.  I’m so very thankful.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year that I can share it would be— relax and follow your heart.  Give your heart all the credit it deserves and know that things always work out even when circumstances would suggest otherwise.

Early kudos to all of your plans succeeding through all of your efforts and your relentless pursuits.  Cheers & Happy New Year!

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