Seasoning & Sauce: Let’s Taco ‘bout It

When amazing seasoning and amazing BBQ sauce combine… wow! This year has been off to an amazing start and being on a pescatarian regimen has a breadth of benefits (as long as I stay away from the carbs)… I’ve been having a ton of tacos.

As a person who prefers seafood over anything else, I was able to adjust pretty quickly and mostly because of tacos. Simple, quick, and full of flavor they are my go to and so far there haven’t been any complaints.

Whether it’s seafood, beef, chicken, and/or pork for you, make sure you add some amazing flavor to enrich the profile of the protein and satisfy your taste buds.

In my latest episode for tacos, I wanted BBQ shrimp with mango and pineapple salsa. The Sauce. Sweet T’s BBQ sauce comes in two flavors— Sweet and Spicy! I have both & I am in love with the Spicy! I paired it with my Original Seasoning and my Lemon & Herb Seasoning to get this magic in the kitchen.

Add your favorite ingredients and have two (or three) but don’t forget the sauce or the seasoning.

No matter what you’re combining in your kitchen and putting on your plate, remember to be and give good energy!

Bon Appétit!

Chef Curl Ardee

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