Finding the Good in Goodbye

Moving to a new city can have it’s own sort of challenges and while this entire process has been pretty seamless, there were some not so easy goodbyes that needed to happen and one to an amazing coffee shop with incredible service and even better coffee.

First, I left my job. Say that three times really slow. Three years isn’t a long time and there are a ton of amazing people that I won’t see everyday that helped to shape my future in so many amazing and wonderful ways.

Second, deciding to leave the state I’ve lived in for 28 years (outside of those first five days in NICU) didn’t come as severe as one would think. I travel a lot (more than the average person) so I don’t feel like I’m in some unfamiliar zone or space. Every place feels in so many ways like another even though I haven’t found a coffee place quite like 7Brew, I’m sure there’s something that fits the bill.

Lastly, I am super excited to be starting a brand new venture. Turning the page and saying goodbye to what is familiar never has to be a bad thing. Some roads in our life must come to an end and that’s more than okay.

Cultivate kindness always, as the employees of 7Brew reminded me every single morning until I left Northwest Arkansas… there’s a story to tell and one you should listen to that may just change your life if you allow it.

When you visit, be sure to order the Smooth 7, Hot, 1/4 Scoop of Brown Sugar Cinnamon and 1/4 Scoop of Caramel. It will change your life.

No matter where you’re getting your coffee or what you’re mixing in your cup, remember to be and give good energy— there’s a world, continent, country, region, state, city, community, family, and person that needs it. 💜

Bon Appétit!

– Chef Curl Ardee




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