Gimme Some Sugar

If every transition was like this, I’d move every week.

Prior to leaving for Atlanta, I met Amber, the owner of SinFul Treats at an expo and I am so happy I ran into her. I was hooked on her crafty treats after the very first bite. Her Twix Topped Cream Cheese Filled Green Apple lives up to its decadent name and presentation. After a busy day and a trip down memory lane, this sinful treat was the perfect end to a well planned and prosperous day.

Amber started SinFul Treats and hasn’t looked back! Arkansas based, Amber caters events, birthday and bachelor(ette) parties, going away parties and all that you can imagine with themes and a special touch to take any event up a notch and have your attendees wanting to place an order ‘just for the house’ because they will be that impressed.

I was eager to place an order and am so happy that I did! I’m so thankful Amber was able to make such amazing themed desserts for my going away celebration and I can’t wait to get back to Little Rock, Arkansas for more!

I Ordered:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cream Cheese Filled Strawberries

Apple Wedges

Chocolate Covered Oreos

The theme was lavender to match Chef Curl Ardee’s purple and everything was absolutely amazing!

To contact Amber, her contact information is below and tell her Chef Curl Ardee sent you… even if you’re not moving and need treats for a going away party, reach out and let her desserts make your day!

No matter what you decide to order from SinFul Treats or how you’re getting a fix for your sweet tooth, remember to be and give good energy— there’s a world, continent, country, region, state, city, community, family, and person that needs it. 💜

Bon Appétit!

– Chef Curl Ardee




SinFul Treats Contact Info

Owner: Amber




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