Beer, Chicken, and the People Who Love Them

I was a little about preparing this for the very first time. I heard so many great things about the results but was also very aware that chickens have fallen over in the oven and I didn’t want to create a mess in my oven… so, I waited… and then decided to simply go for it.

Chef’s Tip: I’m always going to recommend seasoning food at least 4 hours prior to cooking… at a minimum. Flavor takes time.

What You’ll Need

One Whole Chicken

One Can of Beer

Chef Curl Ardee’s Original Seasoning

Chef Curl Ardee’s Lemon & Herb Seasoning

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Garlic

One Lemon

One Orange

Butter (2 tbsp)


Parchment paper

Sturdy Baking Pan or Cast Iron Skillet

You’re only going to need half of the beer in the can. I’m not saying drink it but I’m definitely telling you NOT to pour it down the drain. Do what you want.

Step 1: Drink half the can of beer. 🙂

Step 2: Preheat oven to 375 degrees and arrange oven racks so that oven can accommodate your chicken.

Step 3: Thaw, clean, and remove any chicken organs from cavity (if necessary).

Step 4: Melt butter and rub chicken down with butter and fresh garlic… make sure you get under the wings— they’re my favorite.

Step 5: Apply seasoning as desired. Start with Chef Curl Ardee’s Original Seasoning and add Chef Curl Ardee’s Lemon & Herb Seasoning as you see fit.

Step 6: Cut oranges and lemons as desired and insert half of each into the cavity of the chicken along with fresh Rosemary and any other fresh herbs you desire.

Step 7. Sit beer can on pan and carefully put chicken on top of beer can… the legs may help you secure the chicken.

Step 8: Slide pan holding chicken into oven (pray it doesn’t fall over) and wait.

Let the chicken bake and monitor skin of the chicken so it doesn’t burn… the skin of the chicken should be crispy, not burned and here’s exactly where the honey comes in.

Step 9: Halfway through baking the chicken, drizzle honey and any additional lemon and orange juice over the chicken. Thank me later.

Once your chicken is done baking, let it cool somewhat… remove chicken from beer can along with herbs, orange and lemon slices from the cavity.

NOTE: Do not drink the beer after it’s removed from the chicken. You should have taken your sips on Step 1. It’s too late now. Throw that can away.

Enjoy your super crispy and flavorful chicken. Serve with sides and beer!

Happy Father’s Day to the amazing men making a difference in the lives of children everywhere.

Be and give good energy.

Bon Appétit,

Chef Curl Ardee




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