What Tung Says Goes…

Dragon Fly Sushi. Orlando, FL.

I could go on and on about this amazing experience but let me first tell you how absolutely amazing everything has been and how the service transformed a great meal into an experience that literally kept me going back for more (and more).
Traveling with friends means a lot of really good laughs, memories, and wonderful food. I’m happy that my friends have such great palates… it makes a crazy difference.
Arriving was great, eating was phenomenal, coming back a second time was even better and that’s all because of the head waiter, Tung.  Exploring new menus for me comes via suggestion of the restaurant’s staff. I want to know what’s the guest and staff favorite, what’s the drink of (first and second) choice, and what I should have for dessert.
Enter Tung.  He essentially became the King Midas of our food choices.  Between four people, we ordered mostly everything he recommended and nothing was a disappointment. How rare it is to be so in tune with patrons and their palates to have a person who knows ramen, sushi, saké, and the works.
We were so impressed we brought more people on the second visit and requested Tung.  Whether you’re in Orlando for Disney or Universal, be sure to add Dragonfly Sushi and Robata Grill. There’s a magic that happens in their kitchen and in their service.  Request Tung, order the corn, ask for the ramen, and be sure to tell them Chef Curl Ardee sent you.
Bon Appetit,
Chef Curl Ardee

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