Doing it Right and Packing it Well

Coming out of a long and well traveled birthday month, I knew I needed to reset. I wanted to prep for September in a way that would yield some impressive and strong results. With a smaller waistline and a few more dollars in my pocket, I’m so thankful for Scout.

My cute and sleek lunch tote arrived at the perfect time and is my new favorite accessory for the office.  The bag I received, the Nooner, is in the super fashionable Ren Noir print and has stood out more than the standard plastic bags it sits next to in the office fridge.  So many people have asked where and how they can purchase one just like the one I have and has everything you need for lunch, traveling, and more!

IMG_6764 2

My Scout lunch bag was able to hold my lunch and afternoon snacks (all fruit) with no issue!

I could get the following in my bag with absolutely no guilt:

• Turkey Sandwich

• Apple

• Cup of Broccoli

• Orange

• Peach

• Bottled Water

• Unsweetened green tea

IMG_8627 2

Bringing my lunch has ceased from being such a drab and literally helped me focus on filling my Scout bag and myself with the foods and nutrients that my body needs!! It’s a game changer in more ways than one.

This style bag also holds my meal prep containers with no issue so on days when leftovers (typically salmon, rice, and asparagus/broccoli) are in abundance, I can still eat a well balanced meal that stands out in the office fridge.

Grab yours today and save 10% off your order using code “scoutingforschool” at checkout. You’ll be glad you did!

Bon Appetit,

-Chef Curl Ardee

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