Where the Grass Really is Greener

After snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, I realized it was getting late, December 31st, and I was no where near my hotel. I moseyed into Spada and to my surprise there was an entree with two of my favorites. I didn’t need to know how much it cost, only how soon it can be prepared.

2019 had already made its entrance back in Atlanta but where I sat currently I had hours left… to spare. I say that as if there were at least 12 when in reality there were only about 5 hours remaining in 2018 and the last thing I wanted to do was take a nap that turned into a deep slumber only to wake up hungry with IHOP as a dining option— after all, who comes to Hawaii to eat at IHOP… maybe my friend Drew, but there’s a special reason for that.

Surf. Turf. Yes. Please and thank you. I thankfully sat between two fully reserved tables and in the midst of all their company, my plate quickly became the center of attention… or maybe it was because I wasn’t as dressed up as they were for the turn of a new year but given my snorkeling adventures a few moments earlier, I was dressed for the occasion.

I’ve been so fortunate with so many positive and amazing experiences in 2018… a lot of good, a lot of bad, a lot of ‘wait, what?’, a lot of ‘let’s do that again’, and being in a new city, state, and part of the world I was thankful to celebrate a new year with the Chef’s Special Surf and Turf! I’ve been to so many places that I’ve literally lost count. I have learned what cancer can do and more importantly what it can’t do. I’ve seen the value of positive connections. I’ve found myself on both sides of forgiveness— receiving and giving, and I’ve been fortunate enough to close out a year in this paradise while eating my favorite seafood and my favorite cut of beef. I’m thankful for the best of energy and I am looking forward to experiencing 2019… in every time zone I’ve been to and every time zone I’ve yet to visit as well as every flavor I’ll master in my kitchen.

As a bonus to you and your new year resolutions (or not), feel free to use code “2019” at checkout when you shop for your spices on shop.chefcurlardee.com 🙂

Bon Appetit,

– Chef Curl Ardee

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