4 Must Haves that Will Transform Your Fried Chicken from Good to Great

Posted by Rachel Whitfield on

Fried Chicken is worth doing right.  You don’t need southern roots to make this meal wonderful, but you will need four crucial things to transform what you’ve known as good chicken to great chicken.

I. Seasoning

Let’s face it– chicken is bland. Whether you’re baking or (for the purpose of this post) frying, be sure to season your chicken. Failing to do so makes everything else a waste of time. There’s a reason this is the first step– seasoning matters and I’m not just saying a sprinkle of salt. Reach into your cabinet and pull out your favorite Chef Curl Ardee spices and let the blend be your friend. 

II. Buttermilk

In addition to seasoning, I recommend buttermilk. Several recipes on the internet call for buttermilk and they are all correct. Buttermilk’s acidity makes it the solution for better marinade.  The results will make your chicken more tender, juicy, and crispier without compromising the intended flavor of your seasoning. 

III. Patience

Give it time. I recommend letting your food marinate overnight (but I usually push it to 24 hours).  If you’re hungry now and can’t wait– eat something else.  Seasoning and marinade need time. No point in adding the buttermilk if you’re just going to cook it right away. You’ll be rewarded for your patience– trust me.

IV. Hot Sauce

Last but certainly not least– do not forget the hot sauce. I’m a fan of Louisiana but there are a plethora of other options that get the job done as well.  The best fried chicken and hot sauce will go well with your appetite but have some patience and bon appétit!

Seasoning, buttermilk, patience and hot sauce are four things that you have to have with your chicken.  What else do you use to enhance your fried chicken?


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