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Chef Curl Ardee

Rachel currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where her favorite place to eat is still her kitchen.  Growing up, she had no real aspirations to curate dishes, write recipes, or cook, but after going to college, she developed an allergy to onions.  Instantly, her aspirations changed and her desire to cook fresh and flavorful meals heightened as did her creativity given her preference for low sodium.

She developed a line of spice blends and seasonings to address the concern of seasonings packed with salt as well as her allergies and thus was born Chef Curl Ardee.  Each of Chef Curl Ardee's blends are either low in sodium or salt free but none of them skip a beat when it comes to flavor and amazing taste. 

It is the giving and sharing of food that literally and figuratively energizes us and it shows in her passion to help eradicate childhood hunger.  Chef Curl Ardee's premise of Be and Give Good Energy comes from the idea that you don't have to sacrifice your health for great flavor and that the very best we have to give should be shared with those less fortunate than ourselves.

With a passion for new places and new memories, she travels the world exploring new flavors and ingredients that she can develop into recipes and meals to share.  Whether you're a novice or a professionally trained chef, cooking can be healthy, fun, nutritious, and simple regardless of your skill set or allergy-- Chef Curl Ardee is here to help.

You can connect with Chef Curl Ardee via email (chef@chefcurlardee.com) or on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to keep up with her dishes, new flavor finds, & travels.

Bon Appétit!